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{Book Review} Until Kelly by Vera Quinn

  • Title: Until Kelly
  • Author: Vera Quinn
  • Publisher: Boom Factory Publishing
  • Publication Date: August 6, 2021




 I know I am safe now.

I wanted a fresh start, beware of what you wish for.

I have regrets but things became complicated.

What did Kelly do, I ran?

No one can run forever.

In Comfort, Texas I met the man who makes me forget my past but how long can I keep up with the lies. How long before my past catches up to me and destroys us all?


 How much do you really need to know about someone before you fall in love with them?

Can there really be love at first sight?

I didn’t believe in it and I didn’t believe in love at all.

 Until Kelly is part of Aurora Rose Reynolds’s Happily Ever Alpha World.  If you loved Until Sage, then you will want to read Until Kelly.

Hi! Welcome to my blog where I write book reviews and random mental health articles. Today we welcome Until Kelly by Vera Quinn to the blog.

When I sat down to read this book, I had no idea what to expect as this is the first time I have read anything by the author. What I found was clear, focused writing. The characters were vibrant and authentic, each blending into their roles. Kelly, the main character, was a flawed heroine working hard to change her life.

Trask came on strong with a thick southern accent. He was known to many as a womanizing, playboy. I found the sudden change in Trask’s character from a male who had never been in a relationship to a taken, committed man willing to do anything for a girl he just met at the local diner, a bit shocking. It was insta-love at its best.

I have to admit that this is not only a romance but a tinge of a mystery also. With any mystery, it is difficult for me to not guess how things will play out. There were so many ways it could come together and I guessed it wrong every single time. This was pleasantly surprising.

The only thing that disappointed me was the lack of showing and the abundance telling. The story remained intriguing from beginning to end.

If you like strong female leads and sweet talking southern men you will enjoy Until Kelly. I give this book a strong 4 stars. The book is AVAILABLE NOW!

GOODREADS LINK: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/56851643-until-kelly


US: https://amzn.to/3iZkNSX
UK: https://amzn.to/3l4H0lk
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AU: https://amzn.to/2TDgnID

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I have been an avid reader since I was taught to read. I was the oldest of six children and reading was a getaway for me.
When my sister became sick she encouraged me to write my first book. That was in 2015 and I released my first book in March 2016.
I love to read, write and share books.
​I am a wife, a mom, and a grandma, so the only problem I have is finding the time to get it done. I have been married to my husband for 23 years and he is my person and strongest supporter.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/veraquinnauthor
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/VQAuthor
Website: https://www.veraquinn.shop


Aurora Rose Reynolds and her husband, Sedaka Reynolds, created Boom Factory Publishing to use their experiences to expand and promote upcoming and existing indie authors.

With over five years in the industry, and millions of books sold worldwide, we know what it takes to become a successful author and we will use this knowledge to take our authors to the next level.

“As a successful hybrid author in this ever evolving industry, I know that you’re only as successful as the team that is promoting you!”– Aurora Rose Reynolds


Website: https://boomfactorypublishing.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/boomfactorypublishing
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/boomfactorypub
Twitter: https://twitter.com/boomfactorypub

***This book was provided to me by the publisher for an honest and unbiased review. Any quotations or pictures used do not belong to me as they were also provided by the publisher.

Uptight Flyboy by Em Taylor – Release Blitz

Title: Uptight Flyboy
A Cocky Hero Club Novel
Author: Em Taylor
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 18, 2021

Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward are excited to bring you the Cocky Hero Club: original works from various authors inspired by Keeland and Ward’s New York Times bestselling Cocky Bastard series.


Trent is through with women. Or so he thinks. Beautiful, self-assured Emily shatters his self-imposed barriers. Will he let her in or will his uptight manner chase her away forever?

A marriage of convenience has left Trent Darcy drained and wary of women. Next time he’ll marry a woman who is as much a cold fish as he is. But when he meets a coffee shop assistant at Heathrow Airport, he wants to get to know a woman better for the first time in years.

Emily Sandhurst thinks Trent is an entitled jerk. But after a misunderstanding, his eloquent apology improves her opinion of the haughty pilot. Having been left to raise her son alone after her partner died in Afghanistan, she’s working a dead-end job to show her son that privilege is earned. Should she tell Trent that she’s not all she seems?

Just when Trent thinks he could trust Emily, he learns of a family feud that could rip them apart. When tragedy strikes and Trent cuts contact, will Emily accept her fate or fight for the man she loves?

Uptight Flyboy is a single parent/forbidden/billionaire romance inspired by Playboy Pilot.



Free in Kindle Unlimited


Em Taylor is a self-professed dreamer. As a child she dreamed of having her own island, just like George in the Famous Five. She now dreams of a world where there is peace, love and vampires are good kind people who will help her live forever once she finds a handsome hunky one to be her soul mate.

Hailing from the Central belt of Scotland, Em has tried her hand at many jobs. She now works as an activity co-ordinator in a care home. Also known as a professional dominoes player.

She writes Contemporary, Regency, and Science Fiction romance in her spare time, when she can drag herself away from Once Upon a Time, The West Wing, and Grace and Frankie on the TV.


Limey Bastard by Skye Callahan – Release Blitz

Title: Limey Bastard
A Cocky Hero Club Novel
Author: Skye Callahan
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 18, 2021

Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward are excited to bring you the Cocky Hero Club: original works from various authors inspired by Keeland and Ward’s New York Times bestselling Cocky Bastard series.


One year of post-doctorate research separates me from the career that will get me the heck out of Rhode Island and away from my obtrusive parents.

I expected Dr. Greyson Bedford, a sexy British professor from Oxford University, to upend life on campus, but I didn’t expect him to do the same with my heart.

Despite his persistence, I keep to myself, but when a migraine strikes at work and I have no one else to turn to, he gives me something unexpected: a connection I haven’t felt in years. His touch opens a conduit to my past and the accident that almost robbed me of my dreams.

I swore I’d never let anything get in my way again, especially a brash heartthrob who will return to England at the end of the school year.

I had a plan. Not the best laid plan, but one semester with him changes everything.

Limey Bastard is a standalone story inspired by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward’s British Bedmate with appearances from Simon, Bridget, and family.



Free in Kindle Unlimited


Skye Callahan is a bestselling Romantic Suspense author and enjoys writing fiction to explore the darker aspects of human nature and the resiliency needed to survive and overcome difficult situations. She hopes to show that even through the darkest moments and overwhelming circumstances, one can find the inner strength to adapt and eventually heal.

Skye lives in the hills of Appalachia with her husband, Sir, and their feline overlords: Sassy, Knight, Raith, Dresden, and Crowley, and enjoys hanging out in the yard with all of the natural wildlife (except rattlesnakes). When she’s not reading or writing, she might be found in the garden, watching horror movies, or playing video games with Sir. Prior to pursuing writing full-time, Skye earned M.A. in History and participated in numerous local history projects including a full-length Civil War documentary for PBS.

Skye is a member of Romance Writers of America.