You’ve found me! Let me say how excited I am for you to visit my site and click through the links to see a more complete “picture” of my life, but first, let me tell you a little bit.


As the title states, my name is Kristin. I hale from the Texas Panhandle and have a wonderfully unique family filled with diversity and intellect. We stand proud of our experiences, beliefs, and the dynamics we have built.

My furbabies are my lifelines. They keep me active and grounded. I have two Shih-Tzus, Kippie and Ella. If you look at my Instagram content, you will see many pictures of these two annoying and lovely creatures.

Long before I decided to write, I had another life. One where I worked long hours in the ICU as a nurse. I loved my job and it fulfilled my need to care for everyone else. However, after the loss of my son, it became difficult for me to give complete focus to a very important and intense job where my duties could literally cause a patient their life. Also, my two daughters needed me to be home with them during this time. Nothing came easy but I am a believer that our strengths are defined by our abilities to overcome adversity.

I began writing in 2011 during “NaNoWriMo.” Fifty-seven thousand words were written in thirty days. Now, I’m still touching up this manuscript and the plotline changed to something far darker than originally created. If all goes well, this manuscript will be finished by the end of the year. Since 2011, I have penned two other novels and one short story; all but the latter are works in progress. There are a couple of webzine articles floating around with my byline on them also.

During this time, I, fortunately, met two of the smartest women I know. We became critique partners, cheerleaders, and friends. The two of them have both had multiple books published with my name as editor. My books are still in the works because I have this awful problem with perfectionism. I believe this makes me a wonderful editor, and maybe writer if I could let go of my scripts.